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Address your remote learning challenges now

Scale up, scale out virtual learning. Fast.

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Enable remote teaching and learning experiences with a simple, secure, and scalable virtual desktop environment

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the fastest and most accessible way to enable remote teaching and learning. Are you considering moving to the cloud, staying on premises, or going somewhere in between? NetApp® VDI solutions allow you to deliver virtual desktops, applications, data, and even full computing lab environments securely and remotely to your students, staff, and faculty. And you don’t have to sacrifice performance. Many educational institutions around the world have already implemented VDI to support their teaching and learning experience.

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Remote learning

See how our customers are optimizing remote learning

Miami-Dade public schools

Miami-Dade County Public Schools has 345,000 students and more than 40,000 employees across 392 schools. Fast access to applications such as its gradebook application is vital to enter grades, to submit homework assignments, and to view student progress.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools, giving our students the world

Technical college system of Georgia

TCSG provides technical education, adult education, and business and industry training for more than 100,000 students across the state of Georgia. With 22 colleges and 85 campus locations spread across the state, they needed a flexible, validated architecture to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure.

TCSG - Technical College System of Georgia

Enable learning

Enable remote teaching and learning with secure, scalable solutions in the cloud, on premises, or somewhere in between

FlexPod VDI includes all the hardware components you need to deliver virtual desktops, applications, and even full computing lab environments to your students. Simple and secure, you can start small and then scale to support your entire campus—locally or around the world.

NetApp cloud solutions enable you to build and deploy public cloud-based workspaces almost overnight. Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Cloud Volumes Service help you manage VDI shared storage resources across cloud vendors and regions so that applications perform consistently for all students.

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Try Cloud Insights free for up to 60 days

NetApp Cloud Insights can help you monitor and optimize all your organization's infrastructure even while working from home. Cloud Insights gives you visibility into all your resources including your public clouds and your private data centers to help you:

  • Maintain availability and find performance issues five times faster.
  • Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by an average of 33%.
  • Proactively identify security threats to your data.
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Additional resources

Discover more ways NetApp has improved remote learning

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Adjusting IT in times of crisis: virtualize your organization

Watch this new on-demand webinar from Microsoft and NetApp. You’ll learn about an effective solution to help you quickly deploy highly secure virtual desktops using new services only recently available in the Azure cloud.

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Strategies to enable business continuity

NetApp is here, ready to help you enable business continuity and progress during these disruptive times. We can help you support remote access, help maintain the availability of data and applications, and help you prepare for—and avoid—the next wave of potential disruptions.

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Expand remote teaching and learning capabilities with a simple, turnkey solution

Educational organizations need to rapidly move teaching and learning online. Does your organization have the capacity to meet the need? FlexPod VDI is a proven technology that delivers virtual desktops, applications, and even full computing lab environments remotely to your students—anywhere in the world.

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