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Vital Energi

Use data to reduce carbon footprint and lower energy costs

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Vital Energi

Vital Energi provides award-winning energy solutions to help organizations throughout the UK reduce carbon emissions and lower their energy bills. With sustainability and cost savings top of mind for many organizations, Vital Energi's energy-saving expertise is in high demand. To support rapid business growth, the company transformed its IT infrastructure with all-flash storage from NetApp.

NetApp All Flash FAS enables us to make better decisions, faster, so we can help customers further reduce carbon emissions and save even more money.

Jon WoanIT manager, Vital Energi

Vital Energi chose NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) to power complex analytics on data gathered from a multitude of sources, including smart meters and building management systems. With AFF, reports that once took 3 to 5 hours to complete now take less than 10 minutes, giving the company real-time insights into customers' energy consumption. With faster access to critical information, Vital Energi can quickly tune customer systems to reduce carbon emissions and save its customers even more money.


Accelerate time to insight from 5 hours to less than

10 minutes

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