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Young, innovative, customer-oriented, and sought-after: vality offers customers IT services to enjoy

The strengths of the Swiss provider lie in SMEs and individual workplaces, in industries such as hospitality and tourism, in hospitals and doctors’ practices, and generally in customers with high standards in innovation. The growing success of its cloud offerings—remote workplaces with email hosting, backup, spam and virus protection, and more—made vality reorganize its cloud infrastructure. On the wish list were more capacity and performance, high flexibility, and simplicity of installation and operation. The vality technical team discussed the options and compared solutions from NetApp and other leading vendors.

NetApp HCI costs more than comparable solutions but has unique features such as proactive monitoring, flexible scalability, and guaranteed quality of service. The systems of our customers always have priority with consistently high performance. And we can fulfill short-term customer requests very quickly.

Marco DuschlettaInfrastructure Specialist, vality AG

Today, vality operates NetApp HCI systems for its shared cloud infrastructure and as fully managed solutions dedicated to single customers. The services are largely standardized, offer several levels of performance and requirement profiles, and can be tested under real-world conditions, because the demo cloud also runs on the HCI. And it’s a real sales talent: The performance surprises potential buyers again and again. The systems of new vality customers automatically run on the HCI. Existing customer systems are migrated as needed.

“After the evaluation, NetApp became our supplier of choice. We value the Swiss team for a long time and use various NetApp solutions. But for our new cloud infrastructure, it had to be the latest architecture, NetApp HCI.”

Simon Reuteler | System Specialist, vality AG


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