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Revolutionizing Collaborative Healthcare in Belgium

Imagine a healthcare delivery system that maintains a single electronic health record system, where facilities and services aren't duplicated and where all healthcare providers share information about best practices and procedures as if they were a single entity. Belgium's largest healthcare provider, UZ Leuven, is bringing that groundbreaking vision to life with nexuzhealth.

A centralized, shared electronic patient record (EPR) for each patient can foster better communication and care coordination among clinicians across disparate healthcare settings. With a complete view of a patient's health, providers make faster, more informed treatment decisions.

With the addition of nexuzhealth and the growth that we anticipate, availability is even more important than before, and that's where Data ONTAP is very important for us.

Reinoud ReyndersIT Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, UZ Leuven

Through nexuzhealth, partnering hospitals are better able to manage the increase in patient data and maintain consistency of quality and safety systems, making sure of cross-checking of critical patient health information concerning medications, dosages, and allergies. Hospitals also can save time and money for their patients and for themselves by not repeating tests that were performed at other locations.

Every hospital that joins the network increases patient data, adding 6TB to the EPR database every year. Using NetApp All Flash FAS and its ONTAP® data management software allows UZ Leuven to add more users and absorb the data impact of new facilities—in all, data grows nearly 1PB annually—without compromising EPR performance or patient care.


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