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University of New Mexico

NetApp SolidFire Element Software gives students and faculty all the data storage and network capacity they need to conduct cutting-edge research.
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Computer Science Department Gives NetApp SolidFire an A+ in Helping Students

The University of New Mexico’s infrastructure was struggling to keep up with the increasing demands on its IT network. To be successful, students and faculty needed an agile foundation that automates access to fast and reliable technology, scaling in and out to accommodate their frequent changes in digital assets—often at a moment’s notice.

After speaking with the university’s NetApp account executive and solutions engineer, Rudy Martinez, a senior system support analyst with the University of New Mexico Computer Science Department, adopted an environment consisting of SolidFire Element Software. The system, which was deployed in a week, has been running without incident since it went live. It gives students and faculty the data storage and network capacity they need to conduct the cutting-edge research the department is known for.

There’s a lot to like about SolidFire, but the user interface makes everything so easy. No deep dives into menus, and things feel well thought out, like it was designed by people who actually use it. And getting information out takes just a click.

Rudy Martinez senior system support analyst, University of New Mexico Computer Science Department

Users used to complain about slow-running systems. By moving the workloads to SolidFire and refreshing to NetApp ONTAP® 9 data management software on NetApp FAS systems, the university has improved performance and efficiency. As a bonus, the institution is saving space through deduplication.


Immediate virtual machine availability and 90% deduplication along with the flexibility to scale up or down with each semester’s digital asset changeover, saving time and money with ease of management and efficiency.

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