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: Maximizing cost savings with Spot by NetApp

Pomelo, a fast-growing company in Brazil, is using the cloud more efficiently and having more control over costs by using Spot by NetApp.

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FinTech technology automates finance for business and consumers

Pomelo is revolutionizing financial services in Latin America and making the railways for other companies to become FinTech companies. Pomelo’s goal is to allow companies to come FinTech organizations in weeks, not years.

In the one year that we have been using Spot by NetApp, we have been able to realize $100K in savings.

Juan Jose Behrend, Director of Engineering, Pomelo

90% reduction in IT overhead

Pomelo is a fast-growing company. In order to control costs, Pomelo turned to its partnership with NetApp and RealCloud. Spot Eco and Ocean help Pomelo to reduce their EC2 costs by 65%. Spot by NetApp has allowed Pomelo to eliminate 90% of its IT overhead using Spot Eco.

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    • $100k

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