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Nubank: Expanding banking access with cloud-based financial services

NetApp helps Nubank deliver digital banking services to unbanked and underbanked communities

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    • 70+ million

    • customers served

    • 30%

    • of Brazil's population uses Nubank

    • 60%

    • AWS savings



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Fighting income inequality by expanding banking access

Lack of affordable, accessible financial services has left as many as 70% of the Latin American population unbanked or underbanked. Traditional banking services were reserved for the affluent, fueling one the world's largest rates of income inequality. In 2013, Nubank was created to address those challenges.

Nubank drives financial inclusion throughout Latin America by delivering no-hassle banking services and smartphone-enabled no-fee, low-interest international credit cards. With access to alternative data and an improved fintech infrastructure, Nubank can make better credit underwriting decisions and help customers gain access to financial services previously unavailable to them.

The cloud powers technology-first financial services

With no traditional banking branches, Nubank relies on cloud and cybersecurity technologies to power their entirely digital banking business. NetApp helps Nubank keep their Kubernetes workloads cost-effective and efficiently optimized and managed.

With Spot by NetApp, Nubank was able to better apply AWS discounts, doubling savings from 30% to 60%. By controlling cloud costs, NetApp enables Nubank to continue to break down financial barriers for millions of people and deliver better banking services to those who need them most.

NetApp sets us up for sustained growth... NetApp is one of the most relevant partners we have in terms of cost savings.

Daniel Capp, Product Operations Lead, Nubank

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