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JFK Medical Center

Provide clinicians across the system with rapid, secure access to patient data

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Transforming Delivery of Services by Mobilizing More Than 3,500 Caregivers Across Five Facilities

As a nonprofit healthcare organization in central New Jersey, JFK Medical Center seeks to provide high-quality and compassionate care to diverse communities. However, the flagship acute-care hospital, with 498 beds, 3,500 employees, and a medical staff of 950, was spending vast amounts of time and money supporting an aging IT infrastructure, further slowed by the burden of burgeoning patient data.

To better support its mission and to provide clinicians across the system with quick and seamless access to data from its electronic health record (EHR) system and other computing resources, JFK replaced an aging IT infrastructure with NetApp technology, including NetApp all-flash systems. As a result of modernizing its infrastructure, JFK simplified management, lowered its costs, and positioned itself for a future where its next-generation data center can give clinicians access to secure patient records at any time, in any location, and on any device.

With our new infrastructure in place, we are able to focus on innovative new ways of delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Miroslav Belote Director of Information Technology, Infrastructure, JFK Medical Center

Now JFK Medical Center can quickly move, manage, and protect all records wherever they are: the primary hospital, the satellite emergency room, rehabilitation and neuroscience centers of excellence, numerous physician practices, several long-term care facilities, and remote radiology offices.


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