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No one plans to fail, they fail to plan

Enterprise performance management is the data-driven science of making smart decisions based on a varied business inputs and desired outcomes. Jedox is bringing it to cloud.

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Performance management creates winning companies

Jedox is a global IT services provider focused on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software solutions. Its segment focus, aggressive growth strategy, and integration with leading enterprise applications such as SAP have made it one of the fastest growing EPM providers. More than 2,500 customers use its planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions.

Jedox Cloud is a service offering for clients needing rapid deployment in a secure environment. Jedox Cloud customers are using Azure as the cloud provider with Azure NetApp Files for shared-file storage. The performance gains are right on target.

Azure NetApp files is amazing because it offers low latency, scalable, high throughput persistence of the data for our in-memory database technology.

Vladislav Maličević, Jedox Chief Technology Officer, Jedox

Speed, performance and value

One of the clients using the Jedox Cloud is Varian, a company creating intelligent cancer care products in the areas of radiology and oncology. Varian has aggressive plans to improve the care and remove the fear of cancer in patients worldwide. These strategic plans require development of products and treatments and supporting services. Jedox is providing EPM in the cloud to improve responsiveness and accuracy of decisions.

Performance of the applications in Azure cloud, with file-sharing of data using Azure NetApp File, is responsible for the faster insights.

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Jedox has reduced the deployment of new instances of its software from 30 minutes to sub-second mounting.

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