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How NetApp products power NetApp IT cloud transformation

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NetApp IT’s evolving digital strategy and embrace of the hybrid cloud has transformed how we serve the enterprise. This evolution couldn’t happen without NetApp products impacting most of what we do. Whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud, tools like ONTAP, Spot by NetApp, and StorageGRID are enabling us to support the organizations at all levels.

NetApp technologies in our cloud transformation journey



Elastigroup – We use Elastigroup for workloads that run on one or more virtual machines. We manage a pool of VMs with different lifecycle types, such as those running on demand and those running on spot instances. This ensures that application uptime is not impacted.

Spot Ocean – Spot Ocean enables us to manage worker nodes running on spot instances. NetApp IT uses it to determine the most cost-effective instance type and right sizes them to best meet demand.


FlexPod – Used to manage our converged infrastructure, including Kubernetes clusters, storage, and automation.


Cloud and On-Prem

ONTAP – At the center of much of what we do, ONTAP is the most critical piece of our data management operation. We would not be able to live in the hybrid cloud without ONTAP to manage security, automation, costs, and data. It’s the key to working seamlessly on-prem and in the cloud.

All Flash FAS – Enables us to deploy an rely on virtualized environments, providing a similar experience regardless of location.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) – CVO is used to manage data and workloads in the cloud. This includes security using snapshot recovery, data compression to reduce storage costs, and data replication that makes it easy to move resources from on-prem into the cloud.

Azure NetApp Files –  Azure NetApp Files enables us to migrate and run complex applications in Azure. We’re able to effectively lift and shift Linux and Windows apps without impacting performance.

Amazon FSx for ONTAP FSx enables NetApp IT to fully leverage the agility of the cloud, while using our familiar ONTAP system. We reduce costs, scale quicker, reduce management burdens, and meet performance standards while living in AWS.


StorageGRID The software-defined storage suite allows us to easily manage unstructured data and provides a fast, secure way to move massive files. It helps keep our on-prem applications moving with the agility of the cloud.

E-Series These hybrid-flash arrays provide simple and reliable storage for high-performance applications, backup, and recovery.


Cloud and On-Prem

Cloud Insights – Across our entire hybrid cloud portfolio, Cloud Insights provides us the monitoring and observability to fully understand the state of our IT environment. Advanced metrics help us make the best decision for the enterprise, with the data to back them up.


CloudCheckr – A key part of our FinOps strategy, CloudCheckr provides in depth insights on where our cloud spend is going and how we may optimize it. It shows us where idle resources are occurring and high-cost resources that aren’t being used to their full potential. Avoiding these reduces costs and enables us to get more for less.

Instaclustr – We use Instaclustr to support cloud-based databases. By using the most popular open-source databases as a service, we’re able to be more agile and malleable in our approach.


Active IQ – Enables us to proactively understand our storage with full insights into data health. This increased visibility means we are able to address potential storage risks before they happen, ensuring data quality across the enterprise.

Data Services


Cloud Backup Used to protect and archive ONTAP data using object storage. We secure copies of unstructured data, databases, and virtual machines and Kubernetes volumes are automatically created and backed up in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Storage.

Data Tiering Powered by ONTAP, data tiering reduces storage costs on the public cloud by automating the tiering of inactive data to lower-cost storage options. Active data remains in high-performance SSDs, while inactive data lives in lower-performing HDDs.


SnapCenter Enables us to easily manages backups, restoration, and clones across the environment. It consolidates our data protection across the enterprise into a single platform.

SnapVault – Used to store read-only, immutable Snapshot copies of data across multiple systems. SnapVault retains this data for the long-term storage and enables us to quickly retrieve when needed.

Cloud Sync – Helps clear the way for easy migrations by ensuring data integrity throughout the process.

Our cloud transformation is an evolving process that will never really reach a final destination. We need tools that can power us through the unknown and give us the flexibility to pivot when necessary. NetApp is a driver of our own innovation and will continue to be in the future.

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