NetApp helped HomeAdvisor better manage its data across a complex operating environment while at the same time boosting performance and improving cloud integration.
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NetApp helps HomeAdvisor improve data quality, performance, and cloud integration

HomeAdvisor made a significant, enterprise decision to use the NetApp platform, including AFF, FAS, SolidFire, and HCI to gain a flexible, powerful, data-driven infrastructure empowering DevOps, enterprise applications and the company’s ability to innovate to best serve it’s audience. Every day, over 250 HomeAdvisor developers supporting hundreds of microservices including business intelligence rely on NetApp for their data fabric.

We brought NetApp in to solidify our architecture. Now, from a data perspective and a physical storage perspective, we have nothing to worry about – short-term and long-term. The stability within NetApp is allowing us to focus the business on how we expand into the cloud. It is the reason why we went with NetApp.

Colin Mariner VP Data Center Operations for HomeAdvisor


  • NetApp AFF: Fast, reliable, continuous service for Oracle database cluster; increased performance for ever-growing production database
  • NetApp HCI: Faster application development, reduced operations workloads; frees up time for focus on larger strategy
  • NetApp SolidFire: Trusted backup for virtual machine (VM) architecture, website, all VMs running their websites

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