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Improve patient care by giving providers access to more than 360TB of personal health data in real time

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Helping Doctors Save Lives by Connecting Records of More Than 16 Million Patients

Emergency physicians often “fly blind,” not knowing a patient's history, medications, or allergies. But Healthix, the largest public health information exchange (HIE) in the U.S., is helping New York area ERs and other providers save lives and prevent unnecessary hospital stays by providing real-time access to patient data.

NetApp gives us the performance we need to reliably move huge volumes of data in and out at real-time speed.

Todd Rogow Chief Information Officer, Healthix

For technical, operational, and legal reasons, it has historically been difficult for disparate health-care organizations to arrange the sharing of patient data: HIEs work behind the scenes to bridge those gaps, with the patient's consent. Healthix stores and delivers the data of more than 16 million patients, and the performance and reliability of its data storage is essential to its mission.

With data growing at a rate of 100TB per year, Healthix seeks to continually improve efficiency and performance. NetApp gives Healthix the performance it needs to reliably move huge volumes of data in and out at real-time speed, enabling it to quickly deliver data to caregivers when and where they need it.

NetApp also helps Healthix remain compliant with patient privacy laws and regulations by tracking usage logs and audits to show exactly who has accessed which data.



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