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Groupe Mutuel

Develop an integrated data approach to address rapid growth

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Groupe Mutuel

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Realizing a Competitive Edge Through Digital Transformation

Group Mutuel is changing the way customers purchase insurance and manage claims across Switzerland. The company's unrelenting focus on consumers spurred a digital transformation, enabling it to respond to mandated changes in the industry and drive integration of data across the company. Today, Groupe Mutuel leverages a NetApp data management infrastructure throughout the organization to process more data than ever before, while lowering costs dramatically.

We developed a vision with NetApp for how to connect the data so that every part of the organization can optimize processes and create customer value.

Pascal SarechHead of Infrastructure, Groupe Mutuel

Groupe Mutuel's customer base has more than doubled. “We've grown from 700,000 customers in 2010 to 1.5 million at the end of 2017,” explains Pascel Sarech, head of infrastructure, Groupe Mutuel. “That translates to a 35% increase in data per year across the company. We needed a way to keep up with the growing demands.” From the billing department to the engineering team, every part of Groupe Mutuel demanded that data be readily available to meet customer expectations and scale to support company growth.

To address the rapid growth and changing industry environment, Groupe Mutuel worked with NetApp to examine each facet of its business and develop an integrated data approach. Today, Group Mutuel's website, core applications, ERP systems, and agile development processes are accelerated by the easy movement of data between business functions in the company's private cloud. A NetApp Data Fabric architecture weaves together data across sites and applications to simplify data management, whether in the cloud or on-premises data centers.


Supported 150% increase in customers and 35% increase in data per year

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