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Internet Safety Service Uses NetApp HCI to Balance Application Performance and Infrastructure Costs

Startups often struggle to meet the demands for both service performance and future growth. Family Plus, a technology company that focuses on the healthy use of online technology, is a typical case.

Yang Chi-Huang, deputy general manager of Family Plus, noted that when the company launched the Family+ Service, the initial goal was to help parents create a non-addictive, safe, and happy internet experience for their children.

It’s always hard to predict the growth rate of cloud services. The scale of the initial user base might not be large but could grow explosively in the future. NetApp HCI is designed to allow independent expansion of compute and storage resources, meeting our company’s long-term operational needs.

Yang Chi-Huang, Deputy General Manager, Family Plus

A primary consideration for Family Plus is that the peak hours of internet use are in the evening, and service cannot be interrupted. NetApp HCI, a hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables rapid expansion of resources, was the best choice for the long-term development of Family Plus. Only NetApp HCI offers a hybrid cloud infrastructure with the flexibility, high performance, and fast scalability that Family Plus needs to meet these current and future demands.


  • Fast performance for best user experience and data analysis
  • Pinpoint control over data storage usage
  • Poised for future growth

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