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Dundee & Angus College

Dundee and Angus College turns to SolidFire to overcome costly legacy storage problems, reduce recurring capital costs and create a powerful, easy-to-manage single pool of storage.
Dundee and Angus featured

Dundee & Angus College

Meeting the demands of consolidation while supporting education

Dundee and Angus College is one of the largest further education and higher education colleges in Scotland, with a data-driven focus – set on transforming learning through the exploration of new, cost-effective data management infrastructures. With approximately 4,000 full time students at its Abroath and Dundee campuses and 10,000 distance learners, a robust, scalable and powerful storage platform is essential.

Legacy upgrades are costly and often you feel like you’re being held over a barrel. But with SolidFire we buy a storage capacity license and the physical hardware that sits underneath…. In the long term the return on investment is much more cost effective and it cuts out recurring capital expenditure.

Kris Getchell Head of ICT Services, Dundee and Angus College

Following robust and rigorous testing, the college decided to consolidate its legacy hardware onto a 14 node SolidFire all-flash platform. The SolidFire platform has enabled the college to introduce greater flexibility for students and staff. For instance students on its networking and system administration courses are expected to build and manage virtual machines, create Active Directory environments and manage virtual networks. Now students and teachers can access the virtual environment from their homes, which they couldn’t do before.


  • VDI serves 1000 concurrent users
  • SolidFire up and running in 25 minutes

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