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Accelerate time to market for new services and keep pace with a fast-growing online travel agency.

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Largest online travel agency in Latin America accelerates time to market for new travel services.

Since its founding in 1999, Despegar has expanded into 21 countries across North America, South America, and Europe, including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. As Despegar grew and expanded its offerings, it needed a faster way to deliver infrastructure resources to its application developers.

Despegar's developers can now quickly release features and updates that will attract new visitors to the site and convert them into customers. Across the company, developers have increased deployments of new applications and updates from 3 to 5 per week to more than 300 per day. A developer working on a new hotel application or feature can deploy the application in the same day and make changes in real time based on user feedback.

With clustered Data ONTAP, we don't need to do a remote switchover/switchback operation, which is a huge benefit. We no longer need a downtime window for upgrades or data migrations, so the maintenance is effortless.

Germán Anders Storage Engineering Manager,

Recently, the company launched and completed on its website a massive Días de Discuentos limited-time promotion, which provided discounts of up to 50% on flights, hotels, packages, and activities. With the speed and flexibility of its infrastructure, Despegar was able to develop and deploy the promotion quickly. And due to the success of the program, the company quickly extended the promotion to capitalize on a seasonal demand for holiday travel bookings.

“With the new solution, we are able to quickly roll out new promotions and respond to customer demand in real time,” says Plá. “This gives us a big competitive advantage.”



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