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AI-as-a-Service Makes Artificial Intelligence Accessible to Any Business
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AI-as-a-Service Makes Artificial Intelligence Accessible to Any Business

AI and deep learning offer tremendous potential to business – from detecting fraud to improving products, customer experiences and supply chain logistics. To provide the vast compute power AI projects need, Consultel Cloud’s services are hosted on a high performance ONTAP AI infrastructure solution. NetApp ONTAP AI, an integrated infrastructure solution from NetApp and NVIDIA, leverages GPU-accelerated deep learning and hardware with optimized software from NVIDIA GPU Cloud. Trident further accelerates AI deployment by seamlessly moving NVIDIA GPU Cloud container images onto NetApp’s enterprise-grade flash storage.

AIaaS opens up countless opportunities for business – from speeding up medical research to automating business transactions, like processing insurance claims, tracing transactions and detecting fraud.

David Coombe, General Manager, Consultel Cloud


  • 2GBps sustained throughput
  • 23,000 training images processed per second

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