Coca-Cola Central Bottling Co.

NetApp HCI keeps Coca-Cola products in the hands of Israeli consumers.

Coca-Cola Central Bottling Co.



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NetApp HCI Performance Helps Coca-Cola Israel Evolve to Better Serve Customers

Coca-Cola is the number one beverage producer in Israel. The company manufactures Coca-Cola branded soft drinks and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, the company owns several food-manufacturing plants, including Tara, Israel’s second-largest dairy producer.

Coca-Cola maintains an extensive distribution network that ensures on-time and on-spec delivery of its high-quality products to retailers throughout the country. As Israel’s beverage and dairy sectors continued to expand and become more competitive, the company recognized that its compute and storage systems were preventing a rapid reaction.

It’s very important when you introduce a new product in your company, that everything is connected in the chain. We have backups. We have security policy… Everything needs to get connected in the chain perfectly. And NetApp HCI was that product.

Luciano Ludwig former senior IT Systems Solution Architect, Coca-Cola

To handle the continued growth and the company’s performance and high availability needs, Coca-Cola installed three NetApp HCI systems—one in the company’s data center, one at the dairy facility and one to support Citrix VDI workloads.

Drastically cutting the data center footprint, HCI enhances performance, improves efficiency, and slashes costs to help the company meet the needs of its rapidly growing markets.


  • Increased Reliability
  • High Performance to meet increasing customer demand
  • 50% less hardware and electricity cost
  • 90% reduction in data center footprint

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