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City of Houston

City of Houston has a responsibility to serve millions of citizens with efficient, highly responsive services at any time, in any situation.

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Providing World-Class Services to One of America's Biggest Cities

Keeping systems operational and responsive is essential for enabling the City of Houston's 22,000 employees to do their jobs. Many require around-the-clock access to systems to reliably deliver critical community services.

The Municipal Courts Department, for example, requires 24/7 system uptime to enable police officers to quickly produce and ensure the accuracy of electronic warrants. First responders need fast and reliable communications to coordinate rescue efforts, especially in a region that has had its share of damaging weather-related events. Even the Parks Department relies on the City's IT services to support a vital summer food program that feeds thousands of children who would not otherwise have meals. Operating in the most efficient way possible is also essential for stretching citizens' tax dollars further.

To better meet these requirements, the City made plans to standardize, centralize, and modernize its IT infrastructure by consolidating seven data center facilities into a private cloud that combines on-premises hosting with colocation. A FlexPod solution was chosen to support the new private cloud, providing a prevalidated, tightly integrated infrastructure. The solution is built with NetApp storage running NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, Cisco UCS servers, and Cisco Nexus switches.

Everyone on our team feels like they've contributed to helping our world-class city run more efficiently. And through it all, we've been happy to have NetApp as our partner.

Tina Carkhuff CIO/Iterim Director, City of Houston

NetApp SnapMirror software efficiently replicates changed data between the tier 3 facilities for citywide disaster recovery, while clustered Data ONTAP technology facilitates nondisruptive and easily scaled operations. This approach enables the IT team to both maximize uptime and be more responsive to departmental needs. Existing applications and workloads are now seamlessly adjusted and optimized, and quality in-house solutions—vetted for security, cost, and compliance—can be quickly deployed.

Today, with teams of committed city workers empowered by a state-of-the-art FlexPod infrastructure, the City of Houston's citizens can count on it all—whether it's benefitting from EMTs with new telehealth capabilities; getting to trial faster despite one million cases filed annually; or relying on responsive emergency services during a disaster. The City has also been able to convert reclaimed IT space to office or other uses and lower rental requirements, which helps cut costs by nearly $1 million annually.



uptime during severe flooding that hit Houston

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