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Deliver scalable, high-performing infrastructure to meets the needs of growing customer base

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Gives Customers an Unmatched Level of Scalability with Guaranteed Performance

Simply put, Carrenza customers are demanding. They need capacity that scales instantly to meet whatever needs a changing market requires. These customers range from the U.K. government to leading retailers such as the world-renowned Selfridges Group department store, De Bijenkorf, and Majestic Wine, the U.K.'s largest specialty wine seller. Customers cannot afford to have their systems fail or even slow down, especially during critical sales periods. One customer, for example, generates 20% of its annual online revenue in just three days.

No one else in the U.K. market is putting ink to paper and saying, 'We will give you a service credit if we don't deliver the performance requested.' That's how confident we are thanks to all-flash storage from SolidFire.

Matthew McGrory Managing Director, Carrenza

“They depend on us to deliver high-performing infrastructure that never goes down,” said Matthew McGrory, managing director of Carrenza. “If we don't deliver performance, they can't transact sales and they lose money.”

NetApp SolidFire scale-out all-flash storage delivers the predictability and scalability required to achieve those needs now and in the future. “SolidFire allows us to further differentiate ourselves as a service provider,” said Kevin Cooper, chief technology officer of Carrenza. “With the scalability of SolidFire, we can promise our customers that no matter what performance or capacity they need tomorrow, we can deliver. We have the ability and flexibility to quickly and cost efficiently adjust storage resources according to business needs.”




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