Renew a trusted business continuity concept based on NetApp ONTAP systems
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In retail, fashion moves fast. C&A data moves even faster with NetApp storage technologies.

The cost and competitive pressure in retail is high and requires efficiency and agility also in IT. C&A has relied on NetApp for its open systems services for years, so a migration to NetApp All Flash systems was a logical choice. From cash register systems and SAP front-end to web shop orders, numerous applications depend directly or API-driven on the NetApp data infrastructure.

The branch and online world are growing ever closer together. With NetApp, we can use on-premises and cloud services as needed to support business projects quickly and efficiently.

Bernd JürgensUnit Lead IT Operations, C&A Services

The storage footprint was reduced by 2/3 and is now half a rack with more capacity than before. Application response times fell by 1/3. Batch runs have been shortened extremely. Data handling is easier now. Deduplication, compression, and other efficiency techniques reduce the storage capacity consumption of both systems significantly, also improving performance.

“With NetApp, we can scale anytime to implement ad hoc projects for our specialist departments. We can map any use case even without detailed requirements. It just works with NetApp.”

Oliver Grunow | Senior Team Leader IT Operations, C&A Services


• 50% storage cost reduction

• 30% latency reduction

• 66% footprint reduction

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