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Delivers Innovative Data-Driven Solutions for Customers with NetApp HCI

By specializing in the management of data and its varied uses across an organization and within the hyperscaler landscape, Australia-based data management provider ASE supports customers as they optimize existing platforms and find new value in their data. And now, NetApp HCI helps ASE unlock data insights that improve customers’ businesses.

The challenge that we have had is adapting to a rapidly emerging and evolving marketplace. We have seen the rise of the hyperscalers—AWS, Azure, Google. For us, the ability to adapt our strategy to support customers in appreciating and optimizing the value of their data within and across these clouds has been vital. Our relationship with NetApp and the joint alignment focusing on data management and its byproduct—data analytics—have enabled us to adapt and change our offerings in response to market and customer demand. This has been a huge and valuable part of our growth,

Andrew Sjoquist CEO of ASE

Serving customers requires a high-performance interconnection network, which is why ASE turned to NetApp HCI. With NetApp HCI, ASE can easily solve the connection challenges that customers face and meet the requirements for a hybrid infrastructure to deliver enhanced experiences for ASE’s customers and its customers’ customers. The company also benefits from NetApp’s evolution of services that seamlessly connect to the data fabric and NetApp’s continuous innovation to drive future success and create new customer touchpoints.

For example, one of ASE’s tertiary education sector customers used NetApp HCI to consolidate its data center footprint and to increase workload performance by more than 50%. ASE worked with the customer to assess the data workload and then used NetApp HCI to condense the rack footprint by a factor of 6:1. The customer reduced its data center costs while providing an improved experience for application users.


The cloud-based data management solution enables workload provisioning in minutes instead of hours or days, and reduces the data center footprint by a factor of six, which cuts costs.

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