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Deliver global cloud services that comply with local data sovereignty demands.
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Building a Cloud Suited for the Global Enterprise

3DS OUTSCALE was founded to deliver not just software but virtual public cloud services for clients with specific data sovereignty requirements. Contrary to cloud hype, where data is created and stored is very important.

3DS OUTSCALE is using NetApp FAS and FSS, and the NetApp and Cisco converged infrastructure solution FlexPod to power TINA on-Premise, its proprietary platform for cloud services. 3DS OUTSCALE's secret weapon is its cloud orchestrator, TINA OS. Optimized to run on FlexPod, TINA OS allows organizations to operate virtual machines, servers, and infrastructure within a flexible, robust, and secure cloud operating system. In effect, organizations can build private clouds that perform like public clouds while maintaining total control of cloud resources.

We selected FlexPod eight years ago based on the requirements of that time to have a single hardware platform from where we'd be able to manage and to scale independently. 3DS OUTSCALE has never lost any data of any customers in almost 10 years in existence, and that's in part thanks to the operations team, but also thanks to NetApp technology.

Benjamin Laplane Chief Technology Officer at 3DS OUTSCALE

The smarter cities movement is an excellent use case for multi-local cloud services offered by 3DS OUTSCALE. City and municipalities are constantly trying to do more with less and they are looking at software as a service, and cloud strategies, for saving money.

These systems need compute, storage and networking resources that are safe and secure – but they often need them to be physically close for regulatory and performance demands. It simply doesn't make sense to send data around the world when it needs to be protected and accessed locally. 3DS OUTSCALE gives its public sector and government clients a real choice without compromising costs.


  • FlexPod helps to manage and to scale compute and storage independently
  • NetApp FSS provides a low cost, high-performance storage for 3DS OUTSCALE customers
  • NetApp AFF provides higher levels of performance for multi-tenant cloud services

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