Ransomware workshop

Ransomware Solution Session

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In this hands-on workshop, we'll run through both the "White Hat" and "Black Hat" exercises and get you first-hand experience with NetApp's anti-ransomware suite of capabilities, including the latest ONTAP autonomous anti-ransomware capabilities.

Sample Agenda

5 minutes: Welcome/agenda

45 minutes: "White Hat" activities (activate anti-ransomware, setup immutable backup)

45 minutes: "Black Hat" activities (ransomware attack, insider/malicious user attack)

15 minutes: Post-incident activities (data forensics)

10 minutes: Wrap-up

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Key takeaways

White Hat: Setup data security defenses

  • Enable anti-ransomware
  • Configure immutable backup
  • Enhance snapshot policy
  • Data forensics with Cloud Secure

Black Hat:

  • Simulated ransomware
  • Simulated insider / malicious hacker
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Speaker bio by region

Meet the specialists ready to help simplify your data challenges. Expect to dive into real-world, industry-specific questions—they’re experts who love to talk shop.


Keenan Campbell
Solutions Engineer

Maurie Blau
Solution Center Leader

Andrew Seppich
Solution Center Engineer

Leo Hernandez
Installed Base SE

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