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ONTAP tools for VMware

NetApp 101 Series

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The ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere provide end-to-end life cycle management for virtual machines in VMware environments that use NetApp storage systems. Join us to learn how to manage your NetApp storage with your VMware solutions.

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Key takeaways

VSC enables you to complete the following:

  • Add storage controllers, assign credentials, and set up permissions for storage controllers of VSC, that both SRA and VASA providers can leverage.
  • Provision datastores.
  • Monitor the performance of the datastores and virtual machines in your vCenter Server environment.
  • Control administrator access to the vCenter Server objects by using role-based access control (RBAC) at two levels.
people raising their hands in meeting

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Meet the specialists ready to help simplify your data challenges. Expect to dive into real-world, industry-specific questions—they’re experts who love to talk shop. 


Keenan Campbell

Solutions Engineer

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Muj Rahman

Solutions Engineer

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