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The NetApp Cloud Brewery Program

Brew your solutions in personalized, hands-on demo labs facilitated by our specialists. Under the expert guidance of NetApp technology leaders, filter down to the specific parts of your data fabric and bottle up your blend, uniquely packaged for you.


Experience NetApp solutions and products for yourself in this live lab environment.

Highly curated

Each briefing is fully prepared by our experts and tailored to address your business needs.


Our experts will guide you throughout this collaborative session and ensure that none of your questions go unanswered.

Join forces with NetApp’s cloud experts

Technologists lay the foundation and build the required IT landscapes to support your company's direction. This is where our Cloud Breweries come into play.

NetApp Cloud Breweries are demo-led briefings focused on bringing your data fabric to life. In these 2- to 4-hour collaborative and hands-on sessions, our engineers, solution architects and product managers guide you through a test drive of the NetApp portfolio to evaluate future features and capabilities, all in a live environment.

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NetApp Logo

If you were buying a car you wouldn’t sit through a slide show, you’d want the test drive. While others will tell you what they are able to do, we’d rather show you.

Matt Watts, Chief Evangelist Officer at NetApp

Matt Watts

Flavors of available demos

Hear from some of the NetApp speakers below to get a taste of what you will learn during these hands-on, technical, and collaborative sessions, intended to showcase the value that NetApp can bring to your business. 

If your unique data is the source code of your AI models, why not manage that data the same way traditional developers manage their source code? My demo shows the techniques that allowed NetApp to reduce the time needed to develop new data pipelines for our Active IQ service from 6 months to 2 weeks. After this demo, you will be ready to start treating your data as source code and accelerate the pace at which you develop new data pipelines.

Manager, Solutions Engineering

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In my demo I go over the capabilities of Trident and how it can simplify the job of the PaaS and storage admins. Learn how to provision persistent storage on-demand with ease and guarantee performance. Understand how Trident is installed and managed with ease in Kubernetes, handling storage for multi-tenant environments across multiple clouds.

Technical Marketing Engineer, Trident

man pouring ingredients into a vat

It is possible to learn about the functionality of MetroCluster and SnapMirror through documented content; observing a demonstration provides deeper insight. One may not capture the profound impact of the functionality until observing it in action when data access is maintained in spite of a system or site failing.

Product Manager, MetroCluster

man next to a still working on a tablet

In my demo we explore how Cloud Insights helps our customers monitor performance and consumption based on the infrastructure's relationship with applications and areas of the business. This helps avoid risks, expedite time to resolution, forecast growth based on who needs it, identify and reclaim waste, and much more.

Cloud Architect

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Why is this program called a “NetApp Cloud Brewery” (NCB)?

The Cloud Brewery name was inspired by ONTAP. It plays on the beer theme while aiming to create an informal setting (such as a pub), where peers get together to discuss and resolve hot topics. Since participants are expected to collaborate in the creation of the perfect solution to their business challenges, what could sound more fun than testing and brewing these concepts in a Cloud Brewery?  

Who is the NetApp Cloud Brewery (NCB) for?

If you’re eager to see the NetApp solutions in action, then the NCB is ideal for you. Whether you just want to see proof, or you simply would like to see how you can realize your vision through NetApp, seize this opportunity to brainstorm with NetApp specialists and discover your ideal solutions.

Who can I meet at the NCB?

You can expect to collaborate with NetApp engineers, solution architects, and product managers. As a bonus, we are joined regularly by many NetApp Alliance partners such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, or NVIDIA. For now, our Cloud Breweries are virtual, so the only thing that could get in the way of your time with these special guests is a time zone conflict. 

What are the requirements to join an NCB?

Every Cloud Brewery requires a time commitment of at least 90 minutes. To make the briefing most relevant to your business needs, we also rely on your input when building an agenda that addresses your objectives and challenges. No marketing slides—this is all about IT.

Is this physical or virtual?

NCB briefings are currently conducted virtually. However, based on future regional guidelines, we hope to introduce physical engagements gradually. Please reach out to your Sales Account Manager or Channel Development Manager for more information.

Can I run the demo myself?

"Management simplicity" is a key driver within NetApp Engineering. As the saying goes, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating"; so yes, we prefer our customers take the wheel and drive the demo. We’ll be right beside you—just to help with the navigation, of course.

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