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NetApp’s NEW BlueXP lets you build and operate an efficient, resilient, secure, and performant hybrid multicloud data estate through a single control plane. Join us to learn the basics of how BlueXP allows you to discover, deploy and operate storage on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and on premises.  We will also demonstrate how BlueXP tiering expands your ONTAP storage capacity by moving infrequently used data to object storage of your choice, on premises or in the cloud. We will also demonstrate how BlueXP backup and recovery backs up on premises and cloud-based ONTAP data to object storage.

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Key takeaways

  • Storage - lets you discover, deploy, and manage storage, whether it’s on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on premises.
  • Mobility - helps you move data where it’s needed by syncing, copying, tiering, and caching data.
  • Protection - puts automated protection mechanisms in place so you can protect data against data loss, unplanned outages, ransomware, and other cyber threats.
  • Analysis and control - gives you tools to monitor, map, and optimize your data storage and infrastructure.
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Andrew Seppich

Technical Team Lead

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