Accelerate your digital transformation

Resources to support your business continuity plans.

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Putting the right pieces in place to accelerate digital transformation

Act quickly when the unexpected happens. Learn how to navigate disruption with resiliency, create remote workforce flexibility and reduce the risk of cybercrime.

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How to build a work-from-home infrastructure that performs

Build an infrastructure that can ramp up and down quickly—and move between cloud and on-premises platforms as needed.

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Mobilizing to stay connected and productive in the new normal

Proactively identify risk, support your remote workers, and ensure availability of data and applications across clouds.

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Questions that higher education leaders must consider for virtual learning during COVID-19

Consider these tips for success as you continue to shift to a virtual learning environment.

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Avoid disruptions from unexpected growth with Active IQ

Uncover opportunities to reduce risk, increase availability, and improve system health.

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Scaling telehealth to enable continued care

Learn how VDI can provide clinical staff with secure, anytime, anywhere access to the desktop.

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State and local governments grapple with business continuity to meet demands of virtual workers and constituents

Build a data management infrastructure that can flexibly scale up or down to fit your needs today and in the future.

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Quick continuity conversations: Cloud Compliance

Hear about the current state of business continuity planning, the importance of cloud in keeping workloads running, and why organizations can’t forget about compliance, even today.

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Quick continuity conversations: Infrastructure Insight

Learn about monitoring tools that can give you visibility into your infrastructure right from your phone or desktop.