NetApp DataFort Security Systems

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    NetApp DataFort security systems protect sensitive data in your heterogeneous data storage systems with no disruptions.

    NetApp® DataFort® data security systems combine secure access controls, authentication, storage hardware-based encryption, and secure logging to protect your data. You can achieve security for the entire lifecycle of your regulated and sensitive data for multiple heterogeneous storage and tape backup systems, without disrupting applications, clients, servers, or user workflow.

    Networked storage streamlines accessibility to mission-critical information, but it can leave your data vulnerable. Firewalls and intrusion-prevention regimes can secure assets at the perimeter, but your data at the storage core can still be exposed to both internal and external attacks. DataFort provides the additional security advantages of a networked, hardware encryption appliance.

    DataFort supports CIFS, NFS, and IP SAN protocols and protects data both at rest and in flight with encryption NIST-certified data encryption. You can lock down stored data with strong encryption, routing all access through the NetApp DataFort secure hardware platform, and simplify your security model.

    Learn more. NetApp DataFort datasheet(PDF).