NetApp and Brocade SAN Solutions

    NetApp and Brocade can help reduce power, space, and cooling costs of data center storage and networking.

    Industry-leading NetApp® and Brocade SAN solutions can help you reduce operating costs and minimize your carbon footprint.

    NetApp customers have achieved up to a 180% increase in existing disk space utilization with thin provisioning, and our deduplication capabilities cut storage requirements by 20–90%.[¹] Maximizing storage utilization stretches your power, cooling, and space dollars, too. 

    As a leader in storage networking, Brocade has long been focused on energy efficiency for its switching, director, and backbone products. Brocade’s innovations include higher port densities, reducing the square footage required for connectivity, and more efficient AC-DC conversion, consuming one-third to one-half less power than competitors. This translates into significant savings when you compare electric bills.

    NetApp and Brocade work with industry organizations such as The Green Grid and SNIA to drive standards for data center energy efficiency and to minimize the carbon footprint of IT worldwide.

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    [¹] Boston Scientific, Polysius, Virginia Credit Union.