ENERGY STAR Certification

    NetApp data storage systems have earned ENERGY STAR certification for their proven energy efficiency.

    As part of our commitment to preserving precious natural resources, NetApp partners with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government agencies to encourage energy efficiency in storage systems. NetApp is pleased to be a founding member of the EPA’s new ENERGY STAR program for data center storage and to have our storage systems certified as ENERGY STAR products.

    ES_logo.pngConserving energy isn’t just good environmental policy; it’s also good fiscal policy. Storage efficiency translates into energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption. Every unused kilowatt of energy saves almost two kilowatts of energy, by avoiding the cooling required to counteract each kilowatt’s BTUs of waste heat.

    NetApp® products are designed to lower energy consumption through:

    • Technologies that combine high storage efficiency with high performance for meeting demanding data center requirements
    • Energy-efficient power supplies
    • Efficient packaging that reduces the energy needed for raw materials and transportation