Sustainability at NetApp

    At NetApp, we share in the global responsibility for protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations by not only creating energy efficient products, but also by practicing good environmental stewardship.

    Our approach to fighting growing power consumption is simple: subtract machines and disks from the power equation by using storage more efficiently. This strategy has many corollary benefits: it lowers complexity, people costs, support and service costs, while improving network efficiency and performance. Our eight-point strategy (PDF) for reducing storage power consumption makes use of today’s technology to halt power growth at its source.

    Our reduce, reuse, recycle programs include reducing the volume of disposable materials used at our offices; offering each employee a reusable mug made from recycled corn products for daily beverages; and recycling glass, cans, cardboard, electronics, paper, plastic, batteries, and more. These programs have earned NetApp a California Waste Reduction Award Program award.

    Through our energy management program, we have successfully reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency at our facilities. This effort includes co-generation technologies and participation in the energy demand reduction program with Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California for which we have achieved significant cost savings and recognition for supporting the needs of the community during periods of high electric demand.

    Our trip reduction program includes a guaranteed ride home to employees that rely on public transit, telecommuting options, mass transit shuttle programs, reserved carpool parking, and a wide variety of onsite amenities to help reduce the total number of vehicle trips per employee per day.