Optimize cloud costs

The move to cloud exposes the variable cost of storing and managing data unlike ever before. If your answer to “what does cloud cost” is “everything,” you might rethink your endgame. Our cost optimization guide will make unexpected expenditures disappear in a snap.

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Microsoft Azure

After two decades of working together, Microsoft and NetApp have mastered the art of making every penny count. Find out how this dynamic duo can help elevate your cloud.

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Google Cloud

For two years running, NetApp has won Google Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure. See what this means to you.

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For over eight years, NetApp and AWS have paved the way for customer innovation with smooth cloud storage. And a lower monthly spend.

More cloud. Less cost.

Overprovisioning and wasted infrastructure make a meal of innovation. If your compute and storage strategies aren’t just right, massive cloud overspending will come back to bite you. Not anymore.

Spot automates resource optimization, so your CloudOps team can escape the constant cycle of manual changes and your Dev teams can work faster without worrying about insufficient infrastructure or exorbitant cloud bills.

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