Evaluate the critical component of file-based cloud storage as part or your multi-cloud data storage strategy

Use this report to get facts about architecture, scalability, flexibility, efficiency and performance of file-based cloud storage. After reading this guide you’ll have the information to assess key criteria and near-term game changes that help your firm make understand the tradeoffs and make decisions based upon the benefits that make the most sense for your infrastructure strategy, processes, or business.

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After two decades of working together, Microsoft and NetApp have mastered the art of making every penny count. Find out how this dynamic duo can help elevate your cloud.

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For two years running, NetApp has won Google Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure. See what this means to you.

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For over eight years, NetApp and AWS have paved the way for customer innovation with smooth cloud storage. And a lower monthly spend.

Blog series: Your cloud storage meter is running

Don’t let cloud costs confuse you.

Learn how to better analyze your cloud bill to think smarter about controlling your cloud costs. Dial down overhead and better use data to drive more value to your bottom line. Brilliant.

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