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Virtual Desktop Service – VDS

A global control plane that gives you the power to automate, orchestrate, manage, and optimize your digital workplace both on-premise and in the cloud.  Any cloud.

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Why NetApp Virtual Desktop Service?

Save time, reduce errors, and slash the cost of deploying and managing virtual desktops

NetApp® Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) removes the complexity of deploying and managing virtual desktops globally. The service is delivered via flexible SaaS access enabling you to manage your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) across your choice(s) of public or private clouds. The Virtual Desktop Service removes the hundreds of tasks required for deploying desktops that can normally take 2 to 3 days and reduces deployment time to just a few hours. After deployment, management of the virtual infrastructure is automated by intelligent toolsets and policy-based management to keep your workspaces up to date, in sync, and performing in accord with your service level expectations.

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Turnkey Ease-of-Use

SaaS-delivered global control plane enabling you to manage your choice of VDI environments, or as a fully managed Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) platform service.

Flexible control

Maximize business flexibility with a single portal to control every layer of your technology stack.

Reduce risk

Deploy desktops into logical workflows according to cloud best practices, such as Microsoft WVD standards.  Leverage automation to reduce errors, speed ROI.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Technologies such as LiveScaling, Wake-on-Demand, and our customizable resource scheduling system can reduce infrastructure spending by up to 50% while ensuring the right performance profile.

Full automation

Event-driven automation and orchestration engine that can use your current scripts makes management so easy that general IT administrators can manage your cloud desktops with greater control and efficiency.


Control multiple tenants across the globe spanning AWS, Azure, Google, and even private cloud/on-prem with a single GUI.

Validated by Microsoft for WVD

NetApp is a Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD. NetApp® Virtual Desktop Service leverages all components of the native Azure WVD solution to ensure rapid deployment, streamlined management, optimized cost.


Build an environment to meet your business needs and be cost effective, secure, and easy to manage, with the speed to give your users the best experience.

Fast, simple deployment

  • Users (identity, authentication)
  • Applications
  • Data (files, databases)
  • Policies (GPO application)
  • Profiles, configurations
  • Infrastructure (storage, networking, compute)

Always on—even when it’s not

NetApp® “Wake-on-Demand" technology offers always-on access to enabled profiles, even during unscheduled times.

In-depth monitoring

Continually monitors and optimizes your workspace with exclusive algorithms for VM live-scaling, workload scheduling, scripted events engine.

Fully compatible

Supports all the layers in your stack, giving you a single portal to manage Microsoft WVD and/or Remote Desktop Service implementations across all major clouds, or on-premise.

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