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Kubernetes management 

: contain your Kubernetes complexity 

Deliver cloud-native applications faster and with more flexibly on any Kubernetes, on-premises and in the cloud, for any application, from stateless to data driven. 

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Kubernetes-ready portfolio 

From storage to infrastructure observability and analysis, orchestration, optimization & automation, and application services, NetApp has the most complete portfolio to ensure your cloud infrastructure is developer ready, always available, always scalable, and always at the optimal price and performance. 

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What are the top challenges for organizations using container-based applications?

Protect apps

As more Cloud Native applications become stateful, preventing application downtime and data loss becomes increasingly critical. 

Astra provides simple application-aware data protection, disaster recovery, and mobility for your Kubernetes applications 

  • Application backup
  • Application DR / mobility
  • Persistent data storage
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Reign in resource sprawl

The demands and requirements of Cloud Native applications are constantly in flux. Minimizing waste and maximizing the value of your infrastructure spending can be a near-impossible task. 

Spot Ocean can continuously auto-scale, bin pack, and right-size Kubernetes and container environments. 

  • Compute resource automation
  • Compute resource efficiency
  • Cost optimization
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Reduce tasks and tools

Scaling, sizing, and health monitoring of cluster infrastructure can be a time and resource draining burden for teams, not to mention a source of tremendous inefficiency and potential errors. 

Cloud Insights can continuously monitor, troubleshot, and optimize the operation of your Kubernetes storage infrastructure. 

  • Health monitoring
  • Performance and cost monitoring
  • Reporting
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NetApp unlocks the best of Kubernetes

We already help thousands of customers realize the full potential of their Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud. Imagine not worrying about infrastructure when you build apps and knowing that you're continuously optimizing the utilization of resources supporting your Cloud Native workloads.


Demandbase abstracts their Kubernetes infrastructure and reduces costs by 70%

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The Remote company protects their GKE workloads with Astra and NetApp Cloud Volumes Services. 

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Find out what NetApp customers are saying on PeerSpot.

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