NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

Modernize distributed storage on your journey into a secure, scalable public cloud infrastructure while maintaining optimal end-user performance.

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Modernize distributed storage with Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

Today, one of the biggest challenges that organizations face is the excessive growth of unstructured data and the inability to centrally manage those datasets efficiently. Considering that 80% of unstructured data resides across more than one location, organizations struggle to manage these “islands” of data. The result is an increasingly complex environment, which is costly for the IT team to manage. And this complexity makes companies worry about remaining compliant, efficiently performing audits, risks of data loss, and potential security breaches.​

Why Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Edge Cache gives global users fast and secure access to centralized data by caching "active datasets" in distributed offices globally. Anywhere, anytime, no matter where your workforce is located, your data is protected and available to your users with industry-leading performance.

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Remove file servers from your budget

Consolidate and centralize your data into the public cloud and get the scalability and performance of enterprise-grade storage solutions.

Collaborate efficiently

Create a single set of data for your users globally that leverages intelligent file caching to improve productivity, collaboration, and performance.

Protect your data

Enjoy fast, unlimited backup to the cloud for constant data protection that supports the most demanding RTO/RPO objectives.

Avoid redundant work

Get transparent access from branch locations through a global namespace with real-time central file locking.

Be the champion that keeps your end users productive

Stay on top of your infrastructure with monitoring and alerts.

See what customers are saying about Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

As an IT professional, my #1 job is to keep our end users productive. Cloud Volumes Edge Cache helps us do just that.

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Bringing the data together using NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache software allows users to work simultaneously on large project files from any location. And in a disaster recovery situation, you get the business back up and running very, very quickly.

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Our CEO has a vision to grow nationally and internationally over the next few years. We say 'bring it on.' We can now access files anywhere without performance worry.

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Key takeaways

Leverage the Cloud

Deploy Cloud Volumes Edge Cache to keep even the most demanding data sets safe and scalable in NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP® platform.

End-to-end security

Get seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory and data access control through ACLs and NTFS permissions along with data encryption at rest and in flight.

Operational simplicity

Use zero-touch management through a self-sustaining, self-managing cache at the edge and a consolidated and centralized storage environment at the core in the public cloud.

Transparent integration

By accessing data and collaborating in real time, users anywhere in the world feel as if they’re all working in the same office, regardless of bandwidth, latency, and distance.

Data protection

Don’t rely on distributed backup processes…which don’t always work. Reduce your risk with unlimited, always-on backup of your data at the source.

Cost savings

Shrink distributed storage footprint and slash operations overhead even as the business scales, while protecting current investments in applications, systems, and workflows.

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Cloud Volumes Edge Cache is here to help you on your cloud journey

Let's get you started in the cloud with the technology that the world has loved for decades.