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Distributed storage: Level up with NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

Uplevel your organization—take advantage of a secure public cloud infrastructure and keep your end-users efficient with NetApp® Cloud Volumes Edge Cache.

Why a global enterprise file system?

NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache provides business continuity and data protection for the distributed enterprise. With central control of the organization’s entire storage footprint, easy access to the storage for the end-users, and the ability to recover quickly gives ITOps the peace of mind that they have their data under control, protected, and available to their users in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.​

The challenges of distributed storage

Excessive growth of unstructured data and the inability to centrally manage those datasets is one of the biggest issues facing IT teams today. Most organizations struggle to manage their unstructured data because it spans multiple locations known as data islands. The result is a continuously growing complex environment, which is costly for the IT team to manage. This complexity makes companies worry about meeting compliance regulations, efficiently performing audits, the risk of losing data, and the possibility of a breach.

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Save money—and time

Consolidate and centralize your data into the public cloud and get the scalability and performance of enterprise-grade storage solutions.

Maintain business continuity

With a central point of control, it is easier to manage, plan, take action, and avoid the disruption headache that distributed storage causes.

Protect your data

Keeping your data safe shouldn't be a hassle so we included unlimited backup to the cloud for all Cloud Volumes Edge Cache customers.

The right version, every time

Redundant work can delay timelines in your projects. With Cloud Volumes Edge Cache everyone works from the same set of data in a global namespace.

Kudos to the IT team

Stay on top of your infrastructure with monitoring and alerts to keep your users working without interruption.

Collaborate efficiently

Leveraging centralized storage with global file locking gives your end users confidence that they can collaborate on large files without someone overwriting their hard work.

See what customers are saying

As an IT professional, my #1 job is to keep our end users productive. Cloud Volumes Edge Cache helps us do just that.

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Bringing the data together using NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache software allows users to work simultaneously on large project files from any location. And in a disaster recovery situation, you get the business back up and running very, very quickly.

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Our CEO has a vision to grow nationally and internationally over the next few years. We say 'bring it on.' We can now access files anywhere without performance worry.

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BlueXP: Unify hybrid multicloud management

BlueXP delivers a unified experience for storage and data services across on-premises and cloud environments. Its intuitive UI, AIOps-powered insights and automation, flexible consumption parameters, and integrated protection provide the operational simplicity and security required for today’s hybrid multicloud world.

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Take advantage of cloud innovation

Let’s get you started in the cloud with the technology that the world has loved for decades.

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