NetApp Gives Customers the Most Choice in Running SAP HANA with New Google Cloud Certification

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In 2020, organizations are facing wide-ranging and complex IT challenges. Achieving agility and the ability to easily customize deployments of services across the hybrid multicloud has never been so essential.

Cloud-native storage and application services are helping, but they must accommodate quickly changing requirements across on-premises and public clouds. To make it all come together, seamless availability of data in the right place and at the right time is no longer a minor implementation detail - but an imperative for successfully orchestrating a modern IT environment.

As organizations adapt to these realities, they are also investing in enterprise applications, such as AI, that result in complex, resource-intensive workloads. As a result, many of NetApp customers have turned to SAP HANA databases to support these workloads and accelerate data-driven, real-time decision-making and actions.

To mitigate downtime and make the transition from a traditional SAP database as seamless as possible, today NetApp is extending our support of SAP workloads to enable SAP workloads in Google Cloud’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform for SAP HANA. With Google Cloud certifying NetApp Cloud Volumes Services for Google Cloud Platform, in addition to existing support for Azure NetApp Files, NetApp can help make the transition as painless as possible with the greatest number of options for running SAP on-premises and in the cloud. 

To learn more about our work with SAP, please view the video and case study here. Today’s announcement builds on our decades-long work with SAP. With the most modern file services and data management tools, NetApp is helping companies accelerate their SAP migrations and avoid refactoring applications and refreshes, streamline data management, and deliver higher performance and availability across the hybrid multicloud. 

Speaking to the challenges organizations face today with hybrid multicloud, Lalit Patil, CTO SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, said, “To power advanced enterprise applications, as so many of our customers want to do today, you must ensure that data is stored, monitored and managed in the right way. We have embraced a multicloud strategy, and our partnership with NetApp speaks to the value we offer our joint customers as they embark on their hybrid multicloud journey.”

NetApp gives customers access to their SAP data whenever and wherever they need it, streamlining business operations and enabling better customer support. These NetApp services give customers the confidence to deploy in the cloud, delivering the high performance and reliability demanded by the most critical SAP applications while providing the convenience and simplicity of a cloud service. 

NetApp’s cloud file services, which includes Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, Azure NetApp Files, and Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, are fully managed cloud storage solutions that offer wide utility for developers, line of business engineers, database admins, application architects and cloud architects in search of file services in the cloud.

“To be successful with enterprise software in 2020, you must be successful with data management,” Lalit Patil continued. “NetApp helps our customers access their data more quickly and efficiently, and provides scalability, flexibility, and choice, so they can achieve a faster time to market and make better business decisions.” 

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