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Not Top 5: The biggest flops in hybrid cloud

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Logan Carrington

Are you tired of vendors like Dell and Pure making big promises, but never reaching the end zone? Some of these fumbles are big enough to top the charts. We know you’ve had enough of overly complex, underperforming solutions from our competitors—so we decided to start ranking the worst moves in the competition.

Welcome to the Not Top 5. In this series, we’re exploring how our competitors love to talk a big game… without following through.

Episode 1: NetApp vs. Pure

Pure Storage likes to say that they develop all-flash data storage hardware and software products. But that’s not the whole story.

Episode 2: NetApp vs. Dell

Dell claims they have a clear path to the cloud… but do they?

Episode 3: NetApp vs. Dell (Oracle)

Dell storage running Oracle databases can’t make the cut. Find out why.

Episode 4: NetApp vs. Dell (SAP)

Dell says they can help you develop a smart cloud strategy for SAP. But can they?

Plan a winning hybrid cloud strategy

It’s time to leave box-to-box migrations and solutions with limited cloud capabilities behind. Take control of your enterprise systems, software, and services to deliver a single, connected experience—on premises, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.

Planning a winning hybrid cloud strategy with a data fabric? Now that’s a top play.

Logan Carrington

Logan is a Senior Global Product Marketing Manager at NetApp originally based in Sunnyvale, CA. Carrington currently manages NetApp’s Enterprise Applications go to market strategy owning the development of positioning core content marketing and messaging for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and SAP solutions helping monitor changes in the competitive landscape that impact NetApp’s business along with formulating strategies that help drive up revenue and lower margins. Logan is a graduate and former student athlete at the University of Virginia, and in his spare time travels, attends sporting events, and is extremely active in using his platform to help the community in a positive manner.

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