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NetApp IT Podcast: Microservice-Based Architecture, Containers, and Orchestration in IT

Mary Jo LeBlanc

At the 2019 NetApp® INSIGHT® conference in Las Vegas, Senior Manager for Services Enablement Solutions Florian Lippisch sat down with DevOps Specialist Joseph Christianson to discuss the development of the new NetApp Support site using microservice-based architectures running in containers. 

NetApp customers access the Support site to ask questions, assess articles, create support cases, or update their installed base, among other things. Until recently, the Support site had never undergone a major overhaul. Some aspects of the site were running code that was more than 15 years old, and as the site evolved, it became harder to maintain. It was an old monolithic app that needed to be completely rebuilt from the ground up.   This project was the first to leverage NetApp IT's CloudOne DevOps platform. The new NetApp Support site, now out in beta, uses microservice-based architectures running in containers to deliver a better user experience in a more cost-effective way. 

Check out the podcast interview with Florian Lippisch for details.

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