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Move your data into the future, now: NetApp and ESG on hybrid cloud

Jenna Reed

tech-ontap-hybrid-cloud Why and how is hybrid cloud the key to success with your data storage, now and in the future? You can find out in NetApp® Tech OnTap® podcast episode 259 from two hybrid cloud experts: Nick Howell, global field chief technology officer (CTO) at NetApp and Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Nick and Scott share their ideas on how to tailor a hybrid cloud to be what your company needs both now and in the future.

Nick and Scott know what they’re talking about. Nick works with customers and partners every day. Scott analyzes what companies need, based on lots of research. They know what works, inside and out, with data on your premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid solutions that use both.

They start by asking the right questions, so that you can define your hybrid cloud strategy with your business outcome in mind: What do you need a hybrid cloud model to do for you—and how does that affect your strategy and requirements?

The ultimate goal of building a hybrid cloud is to enable your data and applications to communicate with each other easily, so that you can access everything easily. Plan for that capability as part of your strategy.

Think about building your hybrid cloud as if you’re building a house, Nick says in the Tech OnTap episode. You need something that lasts and adapts to changes. Because in the world as it is now, there’s no such thing as scheduled downtime, you need to be able to maintain data consistency and move data around without service interruptions.It’s vital that you build your data architecture to be adaptable, so that you can easily move your data when you need to.

If you already have a hybrid cloud, Nick and Scott’s podcast can help you evaluate whether you have a sustainable hybrid cloud environment. You need a hybrid cloud that’s built on a foundation that will protect your most important asset: your data.

You can build a solid storage foundation. But what else is there to consider? Whether your data is on your premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud, make sure that it’s all part of your hybrid cloud strategy. In the future, if not now, you’ll want to connect your on-premises data with your cloud—whether you’re using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, or your company’s private cloud. NetApp solutions work with them all. You need to plan for the time and effort required to build an efficient data architecture that works for the future.

To hear it directly from the experts, listen to Nick and Scott talk through what it takes for you to create the hybrid cloud you need. Hint: there’s no easy one-size-fits-all answer.

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