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Scott Neumer

On the one hand, it’s storage configurations. On the other hand, it’s networking, hybrid cloud, data management, security and myriad other challenges that only you can fully appreciate. We get it. So that’s why we created this easy online assessment to simplify the storage and data management solution process. It’s an interactive tool that asks six simple questions – like your industry, capacity needs, performance requirements, etc. – to give you suggested product class recommendations. From there, you can fine-tune the results if you want to explore different options. If you’re ready to take the next step and get deeper into evaluating, we connect you to one of our sales partners.

With this approach, you will learn a few things – for free, and at no obligation:

  • Gain more insight into your storage options based on your business or industry.
  • Get targeted information and resources about new storage technologies.
  • Connect you with a partner who can continue the conversation.

We’ve tried to not do this in isolation…to develop this assessment, we have spoken to 120+ customers, and partners, just like you, to help identify the most important questions in your minds as you start your exploration.  We have given a sneak peek of the tool to a few customers and partners, and so far the feedback has been positive:

“The self-assessment saved me a couple hours of frustration and research time.” – Customer

“The assessment will significantly help with conversation with my customers and give my recommendation more credibility.” – Partner

From a technology standpoint, you will see a variety of storage solutions – from simple entry-level products to impressive, high-performance systems capable of global cloud workloads including hosting private clouds. You can start small and work your way up as needed. Whatever your journey, we want to make it as painless as possible. And if that journey leads to the cloud (and it probably will), we have a few tips.

Based on your answers, the results will vary. The only right answer is what’s right for you. With this interactive approach, your journey will start with a solution that’s customized for your business or use case. From there, you can have a more educated discussion with your partner.

Finally, there are several resources that we provide in the tool to help you further evaluate your options, including guides, reviews, analyst recommendations and other materials. Also, we will update the tool regularly to better meet your needs.

We hope all of this is helpful. Thank you for trying out our new tool and let us know if you have any questions – or suggestions!

Scott Neumer

Scott joined NetApp in early 2001 as a Solutions Engineer and has held leadership positions in the SE organization at the District, Region and Area level serving partners and customers in all segments of the business. Scott is a champion for change and seeker of simplicity and is the Sr Director of Solutions Engineering for the Americas Commercial and Canada Areas based in Chicago.

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