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NetApp IT Podcast: Embracing Automation to Build a Next-Generation Platform for DevOps and More

Mary Jo LeBlanc

At the 2019 NetApp INSIGHT® conference in Las Vegas, Senior UNIX Systems Engineer David Fox sat down with Cloud Editor in Chief Steve Mudd to discuss how NetApp IT leverages NetApp® Trident, along with Red Hat Ansible and OpenShift technologies, to embrace automation and improve the efficiency of IT services by reducing the number of tickets, support touch time, and process complexity.

Using NetApp Trident, a fully automated persistent storage provisioner for Red Hat OpenShift, IT can quickly spin up compute resources for containerized applications while doing the same for storage. The team also uses Red Hat Ansible Automation to maintain the desired state configuration on thousands of servers to eliminate hours of manual effort.

In this podcast, David shares how these efforts form the foundation of NetApp’s  internal platform, CloudOne.  A highly automated, self-service, cloud-based application development platform, CloudOne offers rapid onboarding and delivery, integrated software development pipelines, and new application runtime environments, such as containers.  David explains the work he is doing to automate platform delivery, application delivery, and application pipelines, while responding to events in the infrastructure in the podcast below.

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