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Desktops Save the World

Cynthia Gutowski

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) saving the world is not that far-fetched. Had it not been for VDI admins, architects, virtualization admins, and network providers, who knows what our world would look like today. Not to beat the pandemic drum again, but the reality is, VDI has exploded.

VDI and remote work adoption from 2019-2020

If you’re the team member who is responsible for deploying and managing desktops at warp speed – efficiently, globally, securely, and for the long term – your occupation is now essential. Remote access is a matter of survival, and outside of traditional office settings, organizations are building short-term and long-term strategies for success. Those strategies include virtual desktop deployments that will make it easier to modernize workspaces for remote flexibility and business endurance.

Your role in IT is at the center of it all. It’s time to start putting VDI to work for you and your organization. Adapting long-term strategies requires a new level of solutions that are fast, flexible, and secure. Virtual administrators and architects, and all those responsible for managing these VDI environments, are looking at and/or actively deploying long-term VDI solutions that:

  • Can be deployed securely in hours, not days
  • Use a single GUI to control multiple tenants, with resources across your data center and the public cloud
  • Accommodate task workers, knowledge workers, and power users globally, 24/7
Reasons why companies and workers like remote work Mark your calendars for September 10, 9:00 a.m. PT, noon ET and join NetApp and Microsoft for the Master Class webcast:  Proven VDI Best Practices in a Hybrid World. This session is for hands-on administrators to learn the most recent tips, tricks, and secrets from three VDI experts who have been helping the world’s largest enterprises build out their VDI environments at scale for long-term use.
  • Stefan Georgiev, Senior Product Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop Team, Microsoft
  • Frank Anderson, Principal Technologist,  Azure Business Group, NetApp
  • Chris (C-Rod) Rodriquez, EUC/VDI Specialist, Azure Business Group, NetApp
These experts have been in the trenches for the past 5 months. Now, for the first time, they will share their most recent best practices live. Join them to learn about never-before-seen insider advice and find out how to:
  • Scale performance
  • Overcome subscription limits
  • Scale Windows Virtual Desktops
  • Assign host pools
  • Scale geographically from public cloud, on the premises, or a hybrid model
  • Access a universal control plane that manages your entire VDI environment in public and private clouds
The shift to remote work is a challenge, and it’s also an opportunity. Companies that build smart strategies stay in business, and it’s up to the gurus to make it happen. Join us on Thursday, September 10, and learn how NetApp can help you boost remote worker productivity and make life easier as you navigate your VDI environment.

Cynthia Gutowski

Cyndi Gutowski is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp where she drives business agility through SolidFire and Element OS. With over 25 years in the storage industry she has held a variety of roles in the lab and as a Product Manager, Tech Marketing Manager, and Strategic Customer Manager for disk, flash, and software only solutions aimed at digital transformation. Prior to joining NetApp, Cyndi was the Technical Product Marketing and Strategic Customer Manager at Oracle responsible for Hybrid Cloud solutions

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