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Quick Continuity Conversations

: Infrastructure Insight

Steve Mudd
Join us in our Quick Continuity Conversations to discuss infrastructure monitoring tools

When unexpected spikes in activity threaten the performance and availability of applications and data, IT needs to act fast to minimize disruptions. Many problems, though, can be avoided if you pay attention to the trends and signals from your infrastructure.

NetApp offers two monitoring tools that can give you visibility into your infrastructure right from your phone or desktop.

  • NetApp® Active IQ® gives you visibility into the health of all your NetApp systems. Fueled by telemetry data from more than 300,000 systems, Active IQ uses artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to give you prescriptive guidance on how to proactively optimize your infrastructure.
  • NetApp Cloud Insights gives you visibility into your complete multivendor, multicloud infrastructure. Its advanced data collection and analytics capabilities enable you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all your resources, from public clouds to your private data centers.

NetApp Senior Product Marketing Manager Rip Wilson recently wrote a great blog about how Active IQ can help you avoid disruptions—and how NetApp has adapted its risk models to reflect new challenges triggered by the current world situation.

In this Quick Continuity Conversation, we sit down with Rip to talk about how to identify systems that are reaching performance or capacity limits so that you can make informed decisions to avoid disruption. We also discuss how monitoring can identify security risks and other potential issues with your infrastructure.

For additional information about business continuity planning and optimizing your infrastructure, visit Strategies to Enable Business Continuity.

Steve Mudd

Steve Mudd leads content and messaging strategy for the Hybrid Cloud Services business unit at NetApp. In this role, he delivers provocative content that tells complicated stories in creative and authentic ways.

Steve has a long history as an IT storyteller, working for Ogilvy on brands such as IBM, Lenovo, Level 3 Communications, and Iron Mountain. He was also the host of the popular Ogilvy Podcast. Prior to Ogilvy, he marketed wind energy for Xcel Energy, helped transform sales and marketing for Encyclopaedia Britannica, and was a tour guide for the Coors Brewery. He also wrote, directed, and produced the feature film Seclusion. He holds a BA in English from the University of Wyoming.

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