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NetApp IT Podcast: NetApp’s Cloud Journey and DevOps Adoption

Mary Jo LeBlanc

At the 2019 NetApp® INSIGHT® conference in Las Vegas, Enterprise Cloud Architect Kamal Vyas sat down with Cloud Editor in Chief Steve Mudd to discuss NetApp IT’s journey to the cloud and how the team adopted DevOps in the process.

Kamal's role in NetApp IT is to guide the enterprise architecture strategy from a traditional, legacy IT shop to a cloud-based model. Five years ago, the IT team started their hybrid cloud journey by initially offering an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) portal for compute and storage infrastructure across public and private clouds. Fast forward, and today the team has built a single platform for IaaS, DevOps, platform as a service (PaaS), and containers as a service (CaaS).

In this podcast, Kamal shares how NetApp IT takes advantage of a combination of private and public cloud resources—all orchestrated and managed by an automation ecosystem—to create a holistic development environment for building cloud-aware applications. He describes NetApp’s internal approach to DevOps, what technologies and capabilities are key to building a DevOps- as-a-service platform, and best practices and lessons learned along the way. Check out the conversation in the podcast: NetApp’s Cloud Journey and DevOps Adoption.

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