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NetApp IT Podcast: Using Cloud Insights for NetApp’s Global Storage Footprint

Mary Jo LeBlanc

At the 2019 NetApp INSIGHT™ conference in Las Vegas, Senior Storage Engineer Ken Lee sat down with Cloud Editor in Chief Steve Mudd to discuss his role in NetApp IT using Cloud Insights for NetApp's global storage footprint. In this podcast, Ken shares how the team uses NetApp Cloud Insights—a SaaS subscription-based service—to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their storage and virtual infrastructure. This infrastructure includes ONTAP®, SolidFire®, StorageGRID®, E-Series, NetApp HCI, and more running across NetApp’s hybrid multicloud and multiple data centers.

Ken also talks about his role in Customer-1 to help test all NetApp products by putting the software through its paces to identify bugs and necessary improvements early. Another aspect of his role on Customer-1 is to share best practices and lessons learned using NetApp products with customers.

Listen to the podcast, Using Cloud Insights for NetApp's Global Storage Footprint

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Mary Jo LeBlanc

As a proven IT storyteller and content creator, Mary Jo has spent the past 15 years distilling nuanced technical concepts into compelling, authentic narratives to drive business results. As a member of the NetApp on NetApp program, Mary Jo is the curator of IT stories covering data management, cloud, infrastructure, DevOps, XaaS and much more. When not honing our IT stories, Mary Jo spends her time riding bikes, hiking, kayaking, and hanging out with family and friends.

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