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NetApp IT Podcast: One Storage Engineer’s Passion for Automation and ONTAP

Mary Jo LeBlanc

At the 2019 NetApp INSIGHT® conference in Las Vegas, Senior Storage Engineer Faisal Salam sat down with Cloud Editor in Chief Steve Mudd to talk about his experience supporting automation and software-defined storage solutions in NetApp.

In this interview, Faisal delves into using NetApp® ONTAP® Ansible to automate day-to-day storage management tasks. His strategy is to find mundane activities that are repeated every day and then automate them to save time. The primary obstacle to Faisal’s automation efforts is changing the mindset of storage administrators, especially those who are comfortable doing things manually as part of their daily chore list. Faisal challenges them to learn tools like Ansible and Python, which don’t require coding expertise. He encourages his colleagues to check out the extensive documentation available from NetApp.

For Faisal, automation is a continual learning process that is constantly fine-tuned, similar to the way he takes advantage of ONTAP software features like FlexGroup Volumes. Check out his blog, ONTAP FlexGroup Technology Powers NetApp’s Massive Active IQ Data Lake, which describes how IT uses FlexGroup technology to power NetApp’s massive Active IQ® data lake.

Listen to the conversation in the podcast below.

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