Speed up your move to Azure

Confidently migrate even the most demanding workloads with Azure NetApp Files. With data services from NetApp and Microsoft, your move can be easy, fast, and risk-free.

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Migrate quickly and easily Easy and fast migrations with an Azure-native solution. Get a fully managed file storage service that's flexible and ready to use.


Meet application demands with 99.99% availability. Tackle latency-sensitive and high-performance requirements with ease.


Take control with role-based access and advanced data management. Prevent data loss with built-in protections from encryption to automated NetApp® Snapshot™ copies.


Keep your data agile and efficient with on-demand allocations that match your varying performance and capacity needs.

All SAP reward. No risk.

Reduce time, risk, and resource load for SAP projects with the only enterprise file service native to Azure. Start your journey to faster migrations today.

Read our migration guidebook and unlock key considerations for a successful move to Azure.

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Something for every database

Bring simplicity, performance, and security to all major databases with Azure. And easily manage your cloud migration with Azure NetApp Files.

See how leading companies world-wide are using Azure NetApp Files to migrate and operate their databases in the cloud.

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We know how much refactoring @#$%&! stinks. Skip it and move to Azure with NetApp.

Ready to move to Azure? Let’s pack up your applications. Here are five questions you should ask before you go.

The NetApp and Microsoft Partnership

Together we can help you move and operate in the cloud with less risk and cost. It's time to gain the agility you need to stay ahead.

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Uncover ways to speed up your Azure migration

Get expert Azure migration guidance when you sign up for a 1:1 Architecture Session. Attend the meeting and get a $100 gift card.

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2020 was a phenomenal year, with achieving cost savings, but also on the other side with important new business capabilities. Millions in savings but also millions of growth, based on the Azure NetApp Files environment.

Reinhard Meister, CEO and President, CONA Services

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Azure NetApp Files makes migrations a reality

The future is in the cloud. By migrating your most complex workloads and your most demanding applications, your business is positioned to be more agile, faster, and in control of your future. Azure NetApp Files is the foundation so you can get there.