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Schedule your Azure migration planning session

If you’re ready to migrate but need a head start, this planning session is for you. A 45-minute session with one of our migration specialists will help you and your team get all the pieces together and put a plan in place.

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Making migrations happen is our specialty

Starting your move to Azure can feel daunting at first—but rest assured, NetApp® has your back. A quick meeting with one of our migration specialists will help you set out a migration roadmap that’s easy to understand and follow. We’ll take time to understand your unique workloads and environment and make custom recommendations that meet your needs.

Sign up for your 45-minute customized migration planning session today to put your plan in motion and achieve cloud success. Our specialists will help you and your team:

  • Turn your cloud wants and needs into actionable migration plans
  • Know what to expect and prepare for as your cloud migration begins
  • Build your migration timeline with milestones you can count on

Meet with one of our Azure specialists and keep your migration moving forward.

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Already have your migration plan?

An onboarding session could be your next step.

Let a specialist quickly make you a deployment expert. Sign up for an onboarding session to get performance tips and learn about networking setup to achieve maximum benefit from day one.

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